7 Reasons I Take My Kids To the Chiropractor

I first visited a chiropractor in high school after a minor car accident. I think my mom made the appointment as a precaution. I had the routine x-rays, a few adjustments and a handful of massages over the course of a month or two. I had no residual pain, and so, in my mind, my chiropractic care ended until another unfortunate event.

Fast forward to my first pregnancy and I returned to a chiropractor seeking care. This time I arrived on the recommendation of my midwife since I was having quite a bit of lower back pain. Sitting at a desk all day, wearing heels and carrying a big baby was definitely wearing on my body. I had regular visits throughout my second and third trimester and relished each one. I didn't quite understand it, but a visit to the chiropractor made me feel better and walk taller. And that kept me going back.

As my due date approached, my chiropractor began sharing about the benefits of infant chiropractic care. In fact, he offered to adjust my baby hours or days after her birth. What?!

He went on to explain how traumatic birth is to a baby's spine—turning and rotating through a tight space and then adjusting to life outside of the womb. When the spine is out of line, nerves are effected, and often, things just don't work right. Babies can have trouble sleeping, they might struggle turning one way or another to nurse, they can develop ear infections from improper alignment and constipation can cause an uproar.

After what seemed like many miracle adjustments with my young daughter, our family morphed into true believers. We learned that chiropractic care is more about preventative wellness than about sick care and visiting the chiropractor became part of our family's monthly routine.

These days I feel like I'm constantly recommending chiropractic care to my friends. It has done so much for our family when it comes to staying healthy and I can't help but share the love. Today, I want to focus on why I specifically take my kids to the chiropractor. It's a little unconventional, but I promise, chiropractic care for your little ones can be life-changing.

The more positive experiences your children can have with a doctor, the better.

Doctors of chiropractic don't give shots and you rarely see them when you're sick. Visits are full of laughs, fun and education. It's a great way for children to learn that a doctor's main focus is helping us to stay healthy and feeling good.

"The goal of chiropractic is to keep our bodies working well. That way, when illness arrives, our bodies are equipped to fight it off without intervention."

Chiropractic encourages self-awareness.

Children are known for lamenting about their owies and wanting a quick fix.

Chiropractic care helps them to learn how certain pain, say, an ear infection or stiff neck from a fall, can be relieved by aligning their back and allowing their bodies to function better and heal.

Chiropractic is non-evasive.

Palpitations on children are so gentle. It's very different from an adult adjustment. There is no dressing down, and often, Mom or Dad can hold the child in their arms or laying on their tummies for a quick adjustment. Simple, easy and helpful.

Chiropractic provides a safe first course of action for illness.

So often, an ear infection means a trip to the doctor and then, antibiotics. But what if a chiropractor could simply align your child's neck and pop their ears to allow for drainage and thus, healing without medication? Talk about less trauma and risk to their little body!

The testimonies will floor you.

Eczema, constipation, bedwetting, breastfeeding issues, overall behavior… name a childhood issue and you can probably find a testimony supporting chiropractic as a part of the solution.

Wellness is the focus.

The goal of chiropractic is to keep our bodies working well. That way, when illness arrives, our bodies are equipped to fight it off without intervention. When a child's spine is aligned, receptors are charged and they can stay healthy more often and recover more quickly when needed.

Chiropractors encourage other preventative care and wellness education.

It isn't rare for our chiropractor to ask my children about their diets and exercise. He is a mentor to my kids and they look up to him and take his advice. He has provided me with education on supplements, vaccines and exercises. Since we see him at least once a month, we have an established relationship that allows our whole family to receive frequent health care. Such a better experience than popping into the pediatrician for sick care.

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