Reduction of Scoliosis in a 7-Year-Old Male Following Chiropractic Care

This was a case study and it was done on a 7 year old boy with Scoliosis. Now more then every children starts developing Scoliosis at a younger age, a lot has to do with their posture. The following is the results with this one boy:

Objective: The objective of this case study is to examine a case of juvenile scoliosis and the outcomes related to chiropractic intervention for this patient. Idiopathic scoliosis will also be discussed and reviewed in detail. Clinical Features: A 7-year-old male presented for care with recently diagnosed idiopathic scoliosis without any complaints of associated pain. The patient was assessed using motion palpation and posture analysis and a thoracic radiograph was measured for the presence of a scoliosis. Chiropractic examination revealed subluxations in the cervical and thoracic spine as well as in the sacrum. Intervention and outcome: Full spine technique was used over the course of 16 visits and the patient was seen three times a week. Post radiographs showed a noticeable decrease in the Cobb angle of the scoliosis. Conclusion: This case shows a situation in which chiropractic adjustments seem to have a positive effect on reduction of the scoliotic curve in this 7-year-old male. It is possible that the subluxation plays a role in the development of scoliosis and managing them accordingly may improve curvature in certain individuals. Additional research is needed in order to further explore the correlation between subluxation and scoliosis as well as the long-term effects of chiropractic management of scoliosis.

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